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00:04:17 TotallyNotTangent: Gragle
00:05:04 ***Leaf!Mezzokeyboard squeaks.
00:05:32 Anom: I'm now done with Aztec that is Angry though.
00:05:36 Anom: And will now fight the boss.
00:08:53 Anom: Key get.
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00:12:40 ***TotallyNotTangent likes the boss remixes
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00:13:26 Anom: Hmm, should I go back to Jungle Japes with Tiny and Lanky, or wait for CHunky?
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00:15:27 ***TotallyNotTangent kinda jumped back and forth until he had everyone, then did a proper clearing from the beginning
00:16:29 Anom: I'll get the camera at least.
00:30:06 TotallyNotTangent: Ah yes, those annoying faries...
00:30:49 Anom: They're not that annoying.
00:30:52 Anom: Just too giggly.
00:32:02 Straw: Huh, MLP is on the Hub
00:32:06 Straw: *right now
00:32:28 TotallyNotTangent: Well, they kinda dash around a lot.
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00:35:27 ***Leaf!Mezzokeyboard got all the fairies before she got the Nintendo coin.
00:36:07 Tangent: wow
00:37:32 ***Onion is stuck on the rope mission in Worms.
00:38:01 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: There's a rope mission?
00:39:12 Onion: Yeah, 11.
00:39:22 Onion: I mean the rope mission is mission number 11.
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00:52:46 Starless: You know what I learned?
00:53:00 Sixth: ¿Qué?
00:53:25 Starless: That I have chronic migrains
00:53:48 Sixth: Ouch
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00:57:16 SHOCKED!Gamer has joined the room
00:57:19 SHOCKED!Gamer: HOLY SHIT!
00:57:35 Sixth: What?
00:57:46 SHOCKED!Gamer: *!
00:59:01 ***Starless has never heard of One More DAy
00:59:03 Anom: Time to play some old school Donkey Kong.
00:59:16 SHOCKED!Gamer: It's the worst comic ever.
00:59:31 Tangent: Frantic Factory already?
00:59:44 Tangent: Oh, right, you aren't in completion mode yet.
00:59:52 SHOCKED!Gamer: Spider-Man makes a deal with [[strike: The Devil]] Mefisto to bring Aunt May back to life, in exchange for his marriage to Mary Jane.
01:00:01 Anom: No, I'm in completion mode.
01:00:08 Anom: Well, I haven't gone back with new kongs yet.
01:00:27 Anom: But I have everything for DK and Diddy in Jungle Japes, and everything for all but CHunky in Angry Aztec.
01:00:57 SHOCKED!Gamer: He's been saying since he started the show that he won't review it. He did a joke, 5 second review once, and a 5 minute complaint gripe in the top 15 Comics He'll never review.
01:01:20 SHOCKED!Gamer: Also included on that list is the infamous Batman boner conflict, and a story with this unforgettable line.
01:01:24 SHOCKED!Gamer: Warning: NSFW.
01:01:51 SHOCKED!Gamer: *comic
01:02:14 Tangent: ah
01:02:26 Tangent: Also, you can get Jetpac if you complete the first 3 :P
01:02:48 SHOCKED!Gamer: I WOULD make that my sig, but it's too risque and offensive.
01:02:56 ***Tangent will go work on Fungi Forest for a bit
01:03:00 Anom: And no floor for DK.
01:03:17 Tangent: floor?
01:03:50 Anom: And now, for DK to play again.
01:04:02 Anom: But this time, he's separating Mario from his one true love:
01:04:07 Anom: A N64 Token.
01:04:17 Anom: (Have to take the recycling out first though.
01:04:19 Anom: )
01:06:17 DarkerShining: Going to bed now. Good night, see you guys tomorrow!
01:06:29 Straw: Night DS
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01:08:09 SHOCKED!Gamer: Bhai
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01:19:20 Anom: Back.
01:19:27 Anom: Now for Mario to be in love with a giant token.
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01:22:40 ***Onion just had the living daylights scared out of him by Penumbra, so enough of that for now.
01:24:55 SHOCKED!Gamer: Anom: Cargo Shipping with Mario, are we?
01:25:07 Anom: The game is.
01:30:29 Anom: Mario, stop being in love with an inanimate object.
02:03:34 Tangent: Got a bit of progress
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02:06:00 Anom: I had to stop to play with my bro.
02:07:44 Starless: Should I put Slowbro or Slowking on my UU Trick Room team?
02:10:16 Anom: They're pretty similar aside from Slowbro being physically defensive and Slowking being Specially defensive.
02:10:24 Anom: Slowking gets Trump Card and Dragon Tail though.
02:12:04 Tangent: Slowbroking!
02:12:31 Starless: Trump Card isn't particularly useful.
02:13:24 Starless: Not that it matters, I already decided the movelist.
02:13:34 Starless: I guess I should see what the rest of my team is first.
02:14:03 Tangent: Is a Broking broken? :P
02:14:31 TheSilent has joined the room
02:14:37 TheSilent: ping Tangent
02:14:40 Tangent: yes?
02:15:39 TheSilent: Did you ever see this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uyxVmdaJ-w
02:16:29 Tangent: A long time ago...
02:16:43 ***Tangent needs to mess with his plugin to see it...
02:18:03 TheSilent: ouch
02:18:17 TheSilent: What about youtube-dl-ing it?
02:18:42 TheSilent: You have a machine that can run Python and mplayer now, after all
02:23:38 Tangent: True.
02:28:16 Starless: Snorlax or Porygon2 for Toxic stalling? And is it weird that I have a Toxic staller on most of my teams?
02:28:46 ***Tangent saw the video,plugin decided to work this time. Will look into better solutions later.
02:29:48 TheSilent: Tangent: version of your Flash plugin?
02:30:54 Tangent: checking...
02:31:14 Tangent:
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02:32:41 Anom: Tropeless: Not really.
02:32:45 Anom: it's a very valid strategy.
02:32:56 Giant_Jirachi_(lv29): What is it with me and being huge today?
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02:33:18 TheSilent: Tangent: any chance you can check if a 10.x version of the plugin works?
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02:38:10 Starless: And the first question?
02:39:08 ***TheSilent doesn't know much of Porygons so as to answer
02:40:11 ***GiantStrawIsGiant isn't sure off the top of his head, but he's leaning towards Porygon 2
02:43:10 Anom: Back to playing DK
02:43:34 Tangent: Get the medals !
02:43:58 Anom: First I have to beat DK.
02:48:04 Tangent: With DK. Ironic.
02:48:23 Tangent: Though there is the implication somewhere that 1981 DK is Cranky?
02:48:49 Anom: Mario loves that coin.
02:50:03 SHOCKED!Gamer: It's a very good thing I evolved Motochika's Wotter to a Samurotter. That makes his episode a bit easier.
02:52:15 GiantStrawIsGiant: ...People still call Oshawott wotter?
02:52:26 SHOCKED!Gamer: Sometimes.
02:53:01 ***GiantStrawIsGiant remembers a lot of the early names for the Gen V mons that the GameFAQs Black board came up with
02:53:06 SHOCKED!Gamer: I also still refer to Snivy as Smugleaf occasionally.
02:53:23 GiantStrawIsGiant: Braviary was Wargle and/or Kieth
02:53:28 GiantStrawIsGiant: *Kieth
02:53:32 GiantStrawIsGiant: *Keith
02:54:15 GiantStrawIsGiant: Tepig had a ton.
02:54:48 GiantStrawIsGiant: The baconator, pignite, bacon, , etc
02:56:35 TheSilent: Isn't Wargle the canon japanese name?
03:01:12 Anom: Man, 75m is a pain.
03:01:32 GiantStrawIsGiant: Silent: I don't remember
03:01:48 GiantStrawIsGiant: Oh, Sandile was Swagodile
03:02:09 TheSilent: wut
03:02:19 GiantStrawIsGiant: Gothitelle was Goithitower
03:02:27 GiantStrawIsGiant: *gothitower
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03:03:56 Tangent: 75m gets easier once you figure out the pattern the springs usually take... of course, they break their patterns every now and again...
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03:04:37 ***Captain Slackbeard greets the Hitmontop, Gamer, Straw, Anom, Mezzo, Onion, Star, Tangent and Silent
03:04:43 Anom: Aww.
03:04:51 Anom: Mario has been reunited with his one true love.
03:05:11 ***Leaf!Mezzokeyboard waves a paw.
03:05:13 Anom: Tangent: It's more the stupid fireball on the right that sits there blocking the path for a half hour.
03:05:29 Tangent: yeah...
03:05:43 Tangent: At least they never change directions on a ladder it seems...
03:06:46 ***Starless throws a wrecking ball at Slouch Kid in Slouch Land
03:06:51 Starless: I am NOT Star.
03:07:01 Anom: Yeah.
03:07:04 Anom: That's good at least.
03:07:17 Captain Slackbeard: Oh, yeah... What was I thinking, Straw?
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03:08:02 ***Starless_ throws a flaming wrecking ball at Slouch Man World 2
03:08:04 Captain Slackbeard: Okay, sorry, Daisy.
03:08:21 Starless has left the room
03:08:59 Captain Slackbeard: :P
03:08:59 ***Starless_ throws a Flaming Gentlemanly Irritable Wrecking Ball at Slouch Moon Magical Slouch
03:09:06 Starless has joined the room
03:09:15 Pink_Octillery♀_(lv85) has joined the room
03:09:34 Captain Slackbeard: What, Tracer?
03:09:48 SHOCKED!Gamer: Wow, Linkara's 200th episode was AWESOME.
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03:10:46 ***Starless swipes the walking mech from Cannon Something and uses it on Nintenslouchs
03:11:38 Captain Slackbeard: I don't know what you're getting so worked up about, Ori!
03:11:49 Anom: Cannon Something. :P
03:11:52 Anom: Oh, hi Jane.
03:12:12 Tangent: Jane?
03:12:14 Captain Slackbeard: Jane?
03:12:16 Captain Slackbeard: This is Anom.
03:13:01 Tangent: ?
03:13:04 ***Tangent is confused
03:14:08 ***Pink_Octillery♀_(lv85) fires laundry detergent at the Captain
03:14:16 ***Starless still hasn't gotten a good answer to his first question
03:14:37 Captain Slackbeard: Which question, Slouch?
03:16:34 Starless: I asked if Porygon2 or Snorlax would be better for Toxic stalling on my UU Trick Room team.
03:17:15 ***Captain Slackbeard votes Porygon2!
03:20:48 SHOCKED!Gamer: My Porygon2?
03:20:57 SHOCKED!Gamer: I could write for that if you want.
03:21:52 Pink_Octillery♀_(lv85): He means for his team
03:22:00 SHOCKED!Gamer: Oh.
03:22:30 Pink_Octillery♀_(lv85): Ii don't really know enough to answer
03:22:43 Captain Slackbeard: Silly Gamer~
03:23:13 Starless: Wait, you own a Porygon2?
03:23:38 SHOCKED!Gamer: Yeah.
03:25:03 TheSilent: brb
03:25:30 Str has joined the room
03:25:41 Str: ::|
03:25:49 Straw has joined the room
03:25:53 Straw: Better
03:27:18 Starless: >.>
03:27:21 Starless: <.<
03:27:26 Starless: But so do I...
03:27:52 Straw has left the room
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03:47:25 SHOCKED!Gamer: Man, starter Pokemon get stupidly powerful when the evolve in Conquest.
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04:11:47 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Oh, Slouch...
04:11:52 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Do you have my new 3DS FC yet?
04:12:01 Captain Slackbeard: Oh!
04:12:05 ***Captain Slackbeard does not.
04:12:25 Tangent: good night all...
04:12:29 Tangent: Minecraft still behaving?
04:12:29 Captain Slackbeard: Night!
04:12:40 ***Tangent needs to play with modding it later...
04:12:45 Captain Slackbeard: Ooh.
04:12:51 TheSilent: ping Tangent
04:13:28 TheSilent: Any luck with your Flash version? Did you try a 10.x one?
04:13:33 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: 0130 2802 2325
04:13:44 Captain Slackbeard: Thanks~
04:16:50 Tangent: Haven't tried, no...
04:17:50 TheSilent: Also remember that there won't be any more active Flash development for Linux coming from Adobe, so...
04:18:13 TheSilent: you're better switching to HTML5 and mplayer/VLC if it's for videos, or Gnash / a Windows VM if it is for Flash Apps
04:18:34 Tangent: Is Gnash in any way usable yet?
04:19:09 TheSilent: I don't know, I don't follow its development any more.
04:19:10 ***Tangent prefers HTML5, but it is gappy in usage
04:19:35 TheSilent: Since I barely interact with Flash anyway... ¬¬
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04:26:15 ***Onion wishes he could give away LIMBO on Steam or something.
04:27:33 Onion: Or that Limbo could offer some lower graphics settings, dammit.
04:28:15 ***TheSilent wishes ALL games in general would offer lower graphics settings. He wishes for a 90's feeling again.
04:28:26 ***Leaf!Mezzokeyboard had a few graphics issues running Limbo on her laptop too. Apparently you've been doing the same?
04:29:48 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Also, I think Silent has a point here.
04:30:18 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Having hyperrealistic graphics is nice and all, but '90s stuff has its own charm.
04:31:14 Onion: Most games seem to have options of changing the graphics settings, from what I've seen of them. Limbo doesn't seem to have any and it is completely unplayable in its current state.
04:31:33 TheSilent: Thanks, Mezzo
04:32:15 ***Tangent grew up in the 90s, and hopes to make some games that emulate that feel...
04:32:30 Tangent: But without being headaches portability-wise.
04:33:01 ***TheSilent personally codes console (terminal/text) games, mostly because he can't deal with having to do the artistics and visuals
04:33:19 ***Onion likes a lot of graphics styles, but the games he played as a child all had 3D graphics, except Pokemon.
04:33:22 Feral_Marowak♀_(lv73) has joined the room
04:33:23 TheSilent: And partly because they have much lower requirements and are much more portable
04:33:37 Onion: And a few other GBA games, I suppose.
04:34:22 ***Tangent is interested in graphical roguelikes, but not Nethack difficulty.
04:34:39 ***Tangent likes exploration, and proceedural generation...
04:34:58 Tangent: Hmm... Minecraftian roguelike? Infinite dungeon?
04:35:14 Captain Slackbeard has left the room
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04:39:14 Tangent: ping TheSilent Onion Leaf!Mezzopurrloin
04:39:25 Tangent: *Leaf!Mezzokeyboard
04:40:18 TheSilent: yes?
04:40:45 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Pink doesn't work on me, you realize.
04:40:52 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Ping, even.
04:41:05 TheSilent: Oh, I don't know about roguelikes...
04:41:09 SHOCKED!Gamer: Blue is more her color. :P
04:43:09 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: The only Roguelike I've ever played is Diablo, and that's borderline even.
04:45:28 Tangent: Maybe RNG'd collectathons, for that matter...
04:45:32 Tangent: anyhow, night...
04:46:15 Tangent has left the room
04:55:47 Morpheus has joined the room
04:56:08 ***Morpheus is enjoying DDD
04:56:24 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Spoil anything and you get stabbed.
04:56:48 Morpheus: Naw
04:56:59 Morpheus: I won't spoil a drop
04:57:03 Morpheus: Promise
04:57:33 Morpheus: I'm just dicking around with the Flowstream right now
04:57:39 Morpheus: By god is this fun
04:57:39 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: The what?
04:57:48 Morpheus: The new battle mechanic
04:57:51 Morpheus: Flowstream
04:58:13 Morpheus: It allows you to zip around like sonic the hedgehog
04:58:29 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Oooh, sounds fancy.
04:58:58 Morpheus: It also has it's own combos and what not like a drill-line attack and a powershock drop
04:59:55 Morpheus: My personal favorite is the Carousal Baseball Keyblade.
05:00:12 Starless: Which game is this?
05:00:26 Morpheus: Dream Drop Distance
05:01:33 Wild_Klinklang_(lv93) has joined the room
05:01:47 Talk Like a Slouch Day has joined the room
05:02:05 Talk Like a Slouch Day: Hi Pippi, Hitmonghost, Gamer, Anom, Mezzo, Onion, Tropeless and Silent!
05:02:29 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Hi~
05:02:35 TheSilent: Hey!
05:02:55 Morpheus: Hi
05:03:30 SHOCKED!Gamer has left the room
05:04:43 Anom: Hey Mezzo.
05:04:49 Anom: Spoilers = stab?
05:04:49 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Hm?
05:04:51 Morpheus: Mezzo: Do you at least know what the first level of DDD is?
05:05:05 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: I do not. I'm guessing Traverse Town from the trailers, though.
05:05:15 Morpheus: Or, what movie it's based off?
05:05:26 Morpheus: Oh yeah, Traverse Town for the tutorials
05:07:14 Morpheus: When I'm Nigel
05:07:59 Talk Like a Slouch Day: Anom: WHA-
05:15:31 Talk Like a Slouch Day: So what is this anyway?
05:15:41 Talk Like a Slouch Day: This mysterious Dream Drop Distance thing
05:16:16 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: New Kingdom Hearts game.
05:16:50 Talk Like a Slouch Day has left the room
05:16:57 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15) has joined the room
05:17:03 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Whoopsie.
05:21:36 ***Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15) just realised: Blockbeard would be the perfect name for a Minecraft pirate.
05:22:19 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Does Minecraft have pirates?
05:22:24 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: ...Could you build a pirate ship?
05:22:34 Morpheus: Yeah
05:22:36 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): 1: No
05:23:06 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): 2: Sort of, but you couldn't build a WORKING pirate ship
05:23:16 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): ...Though that would be awesome
05:23:43 TheSilent: You can build a floating pirate ship. At least that's something.
05:24:30 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): It's wacky that typing 'King Henry VIII' actually works in this game
05:24:34 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Sadly, he isn't fat.
05:24:59 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: There are a lot of historical figures you can summon (I assume you're talking about Scribblenauts here).
05:25:08 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Yes and yes
05:25:31 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Julius Caesar works, for one
05:25:41 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): And Abraham Lincoln
05:26:04 Anom: Cleopatra and Charles Darwin work.
05:26:08 ***Onion is back, sorry.
05:26:09 Anom: Ben Franklin.
05:26:14 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Leonardo da Vinci
05:26:17 Anom: Shakespeare.
05:26:18 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Hi, Onion~
05:26:24 Anom: Giant Radioactive Shakespeare.
05:26:26 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Shakespeare is even one of the avatars
05:26:40 ***Onion was locked out of the house. At 10:30, ugh.
05:26:46 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: Ouch.
05:26:56 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): <:(
05:27:04 Anom: :(
05:31:13 Starless: Oh lord, Anom's bear just destroyed a large block of steel.
05:31:45 ***Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15) tried out Anom's bear. It was hilarious
05:32:20 ***Morpheus just looked at the swapnotes
05:32:33 Morpheus: I don't really mean to be rude but...
05:32:54 Morpheus: Luke kinda didn't get the idea of my "World is just awesome" swapnote.
05:33:04 Morpheus: Although the drawing he did was nice
05:34:19 ***Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15) didn't even know Luke still had Swapnote/Letter Box
05:34:38 Anom: Standard procedure for when something goes your way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_VheAwZBuQ
05:35:04 ***Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15) set up an 'Evil Fearless Genghis Khan' armed with a Scimitar against an 'Evil Brave Shakespeare' armed with a quill.
05:35:21 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): It turns out the sword is mightier than the pen after all.
05:35:25 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): :/
05:35:46 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard: You should have made it a dangerous quill.
05:36:54 Starless: My Flying Rideable Long Coyote just got killed by a Winged Strong TARGET.
05:37:32 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Anom: What if you can't do... Whatever the Heavy was doing with his hands?
05:38:01 Starless: I am now riding God.
05:38:04 Anom: You have to bend your fingers like that.
05:38:11 Anom: Or you're not doing it right.
05:38:16 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Tropeless: As you do.
05:38:18 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15): Anom: ;~;
05:38:28 ***Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15) must vanish briefly.
05:38:30 Dark_Mewtwo_(lv15) has left the room
05:39:49 ***Leaf!Mezzokeyboard is now off to sleep.
05:39:52 Leaf!Mezzokeyboard has left the room
05:40:21 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) has joined the room
05:40:34 Starless: I turned the Flying Speedy God Hostile and am arming myself with the wings of the Target and a Rubber Flaming Fireproof Electrified Package. Wish me luck.
05:40:36 ***Anom has made a gargantuan rideable nuke and stuck a cowboy on it.
05:40:41 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): I'm a slouch of my word.
05:40:53 Anom: Time to drop it.
05:40:58 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ^_^
05:41:25 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Pippi: I don't have that note. What is it...?
05:41:34 Starless: I emptied the Package and it fell to the ground.
05:41:48 Starless: And the God is attacking it.
05:42:32 ***Anom is going to have Zeus, Ra, and Odin have a brawl
05:42:46 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Whoo!
05:42:47 Starless: I then switched the Package for a Zanbato and easily killed the God.
05:42:55 Anom: They get along fine...
05:43:04 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Look at all the STUFF they squeezed into this little DS cartridge.
05:43:07 Anom: But not for long... :P
05:43:11 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Imagine what the Wii U one will be like...
05:43:33 Morpheus has left the room
05:43:37 Anom: Whoa, they all attacked the hostile potion.
05:43:41 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): XD
05:44:06 Anom: Huh, they're not fighting each other.
05:44:48 Anom: Evil Potion worked.
05:44:55 Anom: Odin won.
05:45:07 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): B)
05:45:12 Anom: Huh, Sleipnir works.
05:45:15 TheSilent: nite
05:45:18 Anom: But it only has 4 legs...?
05:45:21 TheSilent has left the room
05:45:39 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Night~
05:46:21 Anom: And now he's attacking Thor.
05:46:27 Anom: While riding Sleipnir.
05:46:41 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): O_o
05:46:43 Anom: You know what's a fun item, Slouch?
05:46:48 Anom: Make "Maxwell's Notebook.
05:46:50 Anom: "
05:46:54 Anom: And use it a few times.
05:46:59 Starless: Ziz doesn't work.
05:47:00 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Yeah, that is fun. :3
05:47:27 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): The 'random' adjective is similar
05:47:29 Anom: Shamblers are fun.
05:47:34 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): :3
05:48:22 ***Anom made a Paranoid Farm
05:48:24 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) likes the creature 'Beast' summons
05:48:31 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): 'Behemoth' also works
05:49:27 ***Anom likes what Frost Giant makes
05:49:40 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Yeah, that's cool.
05:49:44 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ...Hahahaha/
05:49:47 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): *.
05:49:54 ***Anom has made an Affable Frost Giant
05:50:24 Anom: He's also now rideable, and I sit on his helmet.
05:50:32 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... Ouch.
05:51:02 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): The Random adjective has transformed my beast into, in order: A Fortune Teller, some broccoli (Or something), a yacht and an invisible man (Which is also the avatar I'm using)
05:51:43 Anom: The frost giant is now using a Sentient Vine as a leash to walk the Paranoid Farm.
05:51:48 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): XD
05:51:48 Onion has left the room
05:51:57 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): 'Resurrective' is a fun word
05:52:13 Anom: Try radioactive.
05:52:18 Anom: And then throw a pebble at them.
05:52:43 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... I'm not sure I trust you. :P
05:52:54 Anom: :P
05:52:56 Anom: It's not a nuke.
05:53:04 Anom: Also, the frost giant is afraid of fire.
05:53:08 Anom: And the Burning Man.
05:53:13 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): :P
05:53:35 Starless: I summoned a Resurrective Flying Hostile Tiny Carpet
05:53:43 Anom: Liquid Affable Ouroboros.
05:53:46 Starless: I'm going to pitch a bunch of stuff at it.
05:53:53 Anom: Liquid is a fun adjective.
05:53:54 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) threw a peanut, then a pebble at a Radioactive Titan.
05:54:01 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): WHY ISN'T THIS WORKING ;~;
05:54:05 Anom: Hmm...
05:54:16 Anom: Try stabbing him with a spork.
05:54:43 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... What.
05:54:47 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Wh-
05:54:52 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Huh? O_O
05:55:10 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): XD
05:55:24 Starless: Make an arena with two side areas, put you in one, llewxaM in the other, and have Notebook duels.
05:55:24 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Also: Spork summons the same thing as Fork. Which sucks.
05:55:51 Anom: Liquid Affable Ouroboros is friendly and fun.
05:56:37 Anom: The Frost Giant now has a lasergun, and the Sentient Vine used as a leash will now live its own life.
05:57:19 Anom: Especially now that it can fly.
05:57:26 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Will something with the Thirsty adjective drink something with the Liquid adjective?
05:57:34 Anom: I dunno.
05:57:57 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Aww... It doesn't.
05:58:49 Starless: Contestant number one:
05:58:50 Starless: Ideas?
05:58:58 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): The Colossus is surprisingly small.
05:59:05 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Tropeless: Colossal Colossus!
05:59:13 Starless: Creative.
05:59:24 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Okay, fine, I'll be more original.
05:59:26 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Giant Giant!
05:59:28 Anom: Giant Giant.
05:59:31 Anom: Janine'd
05:59:39 Anom: Try a King King.
05:59:41 Anom: They're fun.
05:59:42 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Why am I the girl? :P
05:59:43 Starless: The Colossus won.
05:59:53 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): B)
05:59:54 Starless: Then the Carpet blew up and killed it.
06:00:00 Anom: Aww, King King is scared of the frost giant.
06:00:02 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... Everyone wins! :D
06:00:05 Starless: And didn't resurrect.
06:00:05 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... Or loses.
06:00:11 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Depends on how you look at it...
06:00:24 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Try 'Apelike'.
06:00:29 Starless: Very well, time for llewxaM battles
06:00:33 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): (as an adjective)
06:00:42 Anom: He's now fearless though.
06:00:55 Anom: Also, the Paranoid Farm now has the Laser Gun.
06:01:01 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): O_o
06:01:09 Anom: I've got quite a team here.
06:01:13 Anom: A Fearless King King.
06:01:21 Anom: A Paranoid Farm armed with a Laser Gun.
06:01:31 Anom: A Liquid Affable Ouroboros.
06:01:36 Anom: A Sentient Flying Vine.
06:01:44 Anom: And an Affable Rideable Frost Giant.
06:01:48 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): XD
06:02:02 Anom: Also, you know what's a fun adjective?
06:02:15 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): No...?
06:03:09 Anom: Cowlike.
06:03:13 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ...
06:03:21 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) must try that
06:03:50 Anom: Cowlike Cthulhu has joined us.
06:03:52 Wild_Heatmor♀_(lv75) has joined the room
06:03:58 Anom: And now, Did You Just Milk Cthulhu.
06:04:12 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): How?!
06:04:19 Starless: Battle 1:
06:04:28 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): It's cool that you can summon the staff
06:04:33 Starless: Pepper Spray versus Marmalade
06:04:43 Starless: Tie.
06:04:46 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): 'Liz England' creates a pirate woman who gives everyone the Piratic adjective
06:04:56 Starless: And llewxaM loses!
06:05:04 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): 'Edison Yan' creates a T-Rex with a headband
06:05:08 Starless: He blew himself up!
06:05:08 ***Wild_Heatmor♀_(lv75) just drew Rick the Adventure Core
06:05:09 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Tropeless: :D
06:05:23 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Oh hi, Heatmor!
06:05:38 Anom: Edison Yan eats you.
06:05:46 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): He doesn't anymore.
06:05:49 Anom: Also, holding onto the sentient flying vine lets me fly!
06:05:55 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ^_^
06:06:19 Anom: Freely.
06:06:21 Starless: I'm assembling an army.
06:06:24 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): 'Robosaur' is cool
06:06:31 Anom: Wow, this is kinda fun.
06:06:35 Starless: A Soldier, an Army, a Grenadier
06:06:53 Anom: I'm just flying around because I'm holding a vine in my hand.
06:07:24 Starless: And a General which I'll equip with an EBG.
06:07:40 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Oh yeah, the barrel launcher?
06:07:45 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Those are fun :3
06:08:42 Starless: And I'm sending them against a Dark Evil Shady Mean Cthulhu
06:09:05 Starless: The Soldiers ran away.
06:09:09 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): :P
06:09:39 Anom: Make them all fearless.
06:09:44 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Pirates will work together to kill enemies.
06:09:48 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): I must create a clone army!
06:10:27 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): (Unlike ninjas, which kill each other.)
06:11:12 Starless: Done.
06:11:20 Starless: Now, take two.
06:11:25 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): 16 pirates vs a Super Rainbow Kraken!
06:11:56 Starless: The Army wins!
06:12:00 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): :D
06:12:09 Starless: And I mean just the Army.
06:12:16 Starless: Everybody else was killed.
06:12:19 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... :P
06:12:32 Starless: Including two of the guns.
06:12:40 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): The Pirates managed to kill the kraken... But there's only one left...
06:14:00 Starless: Equipable Gatling Gun
06:14:39 Anom: Make a sentient gun.
06:15:38 Starless: Sentient White Turret
06:16:18 Starless: Now Hostile and Armed
06:16:31 Starless: Although the bullets are missing me.
06:17:33 Starless: Switching to Gatling Gun, and sending against the Cthulhu
06:17:48 Starless: Cthulhu OHKO'd it.
06:19:42 Anom: Lol.
06:19:45 Anom: Cthulhu is poisoned.
06:19:53 Anom: The Ouroboros poisoned him and he can't fight back.
06:20:04 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): XD
06:22:12 Starless: I summoned a Simple Speedy Vast Thor and armed him with a Subatomic Knife to fight the Cthulhu.
06:22:21 Starless: He fled, and was killed.
06:22:40 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): :P
06:23:10 Starless: I made him Fearless, and he won.
06:23:36 Starless: The Devil is afraid of him.
06:24:26 Starless: Next up, a classic with a twist:
06:24:34 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) , thanks to the magic of the LEVEL EDITOR, now has a title screen with lots of WATER.
06:24:38 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): What should I do with it?
06:24:39 Starless: Fearless Giant Devil versus Subatomic God
06:24:45 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Ooh!
06:24:53 Anom: Fat Pink Blind Death
06:25:01 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... XD
06:25:32 Anom: He needs a seeing eye dog.
06:25:49 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Cerberus!
06:25:55 Starless: Blind Blindfold
06:26:05 Anom: Nah, just a puppy.
06:26:05 Starless: Unfortunately, not sentient.
06:26:14 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Anom: ;~;
06:26:36 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) must create the ultimate water vehicle.
06:26:52 Anom: Kerberus works too for Cerberus it seems.
06:27:29 Starless: ... brilliant!
06:27:32 Anom: What does Death need now?
06:27:34 Starless: Immobile Trampolines
06:27:42 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): A hat.
06:27:44 Starless: I can make an obstacle course
06:27:46 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Some kind of hat.
06:28:10 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Sparkly Rainbow Sombrero!
06:28:10 Anom: he won't wear them...
06:28:15 Anom: Possibly because he's fat.
06:28:24 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): >:(
06:28:34 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): If you make the hat fat as well, will he wear it?
06:28:51 Anom: Nope.
06:28:58 ***Anom has given him a bowl of guacamole
06:29:01 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Awww.
06:29:49 Anom: And now I've glued a pole to the top of his head.
06:30:10 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): The Roc is cool.
06:30:13 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Anom: XD XD
06:31:11 Anom: Now what...?
06:31:17 Anom: Oh, try an Om Nom Nom Nom.
06:31:24 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) has
06:31:57 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Give it LIFE!
06:32:08 Anom: Death is already alive. Kinda.
06:32:22 Anom: He's just fat, pink, and blind.
06:32:26 Anom: And carrying guacamole.
06:32:30 Anom: And has a pole glued to his head.
06:33:07 Anom: I replaced the pole with a restaurant.
06:33:39 Anom: The pole is instead glued to his back now.
06:33:51 Anom: He's balancing a restaurant on his scalp though.
06:33:53 Anom: That's impressive.
06:34:17 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): back
06:34:27 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Anom: I meant give an Om Nom Nom Nom life
06:34:41 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Also: Wow. O_o
06:35:21 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Is there an adjective that lets the thing you apply it to shoot lasers/bullets/missiles/anything?
06:35:32 Anom: Firebreathing.
06:35:35 Anom: Or frostbreathing.
06:35:49 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Not really what I'm after... :/
06:36:30 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): 'Magic' does let it shoot projectiles which turn the target into frogs/rabbits/doves/whatevers, I think
06:36:51 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): But I don't want transmogrification, I want MURDERRRRRR
06:37:39 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) must create the ultimate pet.
06:39:37 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): My new Invincible Loyal Magic Sonic Flying Shiny Disco Ball will do~
06:40:33 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) changes the Magic to Firebreathing
06:41:18 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Also: Have you tried the Stealth Bomber/
06:41:20 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): *?
06:42:59 Anom: Nope.
06:43:31 Anom: It's silent. :P
06:44:14 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): My new buddy follows my everywhere, grants me the power of flight if I'm holding him, kills things that threaten me with fire, and is shiny. :3
06:46:00 ***Anom is watching Death try to walk with a Restaurant on his head
06:46:09 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ^_^
06:46:15 ***Anom remembers making Humongous Mechas out of lots of glue and assorted random objects
06:46:23 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Wow.
06:47:28 Starless: It is done!
06:47:56 Starless: I made a course where you have to jump on trampolines then get through a waterfall
06:48:28 Starless: To ride a Flying Rideable Speedy Invisible Gyro to the Starite.
06:48:31 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Sounds fun~
06:48:40 Starless: You can go digging, but it's useless.
06:50:48 Starless: Is there an adjective that allows anything to dig?
06:51:08 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Hmm
06:52:09 Starless: I set off a Nuclear Freight Train.
06:52:23 Anom: XD
06:53:01 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): O_o
06:55:15 Starless: My new pet:
06:55:27 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Super Snowman vs. Mighty Frost Giant. Who do you think will win?
06:55:45 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... Never mind.
06:55:47 Starless: A Speedy Flying Strong Maroon Invincible Jackhammer
06:55:53 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): I like it!
06:56:09 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Poor Frost Giant.
06:56:50 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Never mind, I forgot to add Mighty
06:57:07 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... Same result
06:58:07 Anom: Have a pet Restaurant.
06:58:36 Starless: I replaced the Jackhammer with a Gatling Gun
06:58:50 Starless: That way I have range.
06:59:51 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) is going to keep either a clown or a convict as a pet, with the adjectives Stupid, Loyal and Apelike
06:59:52 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Which one?
07:00:02 Starless: Ugh, it can't break dirt.
07:00:25 Starless: Very well, using an RPG.
07:00:48 Anom: Restaurant!
07:01:16 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): You and your restaurants. :P
07:02:10 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) will take a restaurant, glue a clown and a convict to it and strap on a leash.
07:02:12 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): New pet!
07:02:57 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): And they'll all be Stupid, Loyal and Apelike.
07:03:15 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Right down to being held together with Stupid Loyal Apelike Glue!
07:03:15 Anom: XD
07:03:23 Anom: XDXDXDF
07:03:26 Anom: *XDXDXD
07:04:15 Anom: One thing that's good about having a sentient vine for a pet is that you don't need a leash.
07:04:18 Anom: It IS the leash.
07:04:25 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): :P
07:04:59 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... I can't even move the thing. XD
07:05:50 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): No problem: The leash is now attached to a Stupid Loyal Apelike Tractor.
07:06:02 Starless: My RPG can destroy an Armored Tank in two hits.
07:06:07 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Ooh.
07:06:28 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Better make the leash Stupid, Loyal and Apelike too
07:06:35 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch has joined the room
07:07:34 Anom: XD
07:07:44 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: Or not... The complexity meter is full. :P
07:08:28 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: Still, this is quite the creation.
07:08:43 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: ... I still can't move it. XD
07:08:45 Wild_Heatmor♀_(lv75) has left the room
07:09:50 Starless: I'm going to face the Legendary Birds now.
07:10:57 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: Making the restaurant Weightless should relieve that problem.
07:11:38 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: ...Or not, whatever.
07:11:52 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: Help me out here!
07:11:53 Starless: Moltres killed both of the others by accident.
07:11:56 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: :P
07:12:10 Starless: And fell to two shota, before reincarnating and doing it again.
07:12:17 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: XD
07:12:20 Anom: Two shota?
07:12:50 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: Alright... Time to bomb all of my Stupid Loyal Apelike companions.
07:13:01 Starless: Um...
07:13:18 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: The convict got into the tractor somehow.
07:13:31 Starless: Do NOT summon a Resurrective Explosive and make it explode.
07:13:46 Starless: You will regret it.
07:13:53 ***Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch has tried that. :P
07:14:44 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: ... A Stupid Loyal Apelike Stealth Bomber fires Stupid Loyal Apelike missiles.
07:14:52 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: With little dunce caps and everything.
07:14:53 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: XD
07:15:25 Stupid Loyal Apelike Slouch: Alright, that's enough of that.
07:15:27 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) has joined the room
07:15:57 Starless: A Stupid Gatling Gun shoots Stupid bullets.
07:16:13 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): :3
07:16:51 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... Aww.
07:17:10 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): A baby dinosaur hatched from its egg and is trying to murder me. :3
07:17:24 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): (And making weird squeaky sounds. Okay...?)
07:18:16 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Try Nanobot.
07:18:21 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): ... Ooh, that'd make a great pet.
07:22:23 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Try applying the adjectives 'Explosive' and 'Magic' to something you hold
07:22:29 Starless: I used Long Yellow Small Glue to attach a Yellow Chaingun to my Immortal Hydroplane
07:22:44 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): The Magic turns them into something like a rabbit or a dove, and then blows them up. :3
07:23:03 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Tropeless: ... Wow.
07:23:07 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): How
07:23:11 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): 'd that work out?
07:23:44 Starless: It's awesome.
07:24:01 Starless: I killed a Huge Yellow Firebreathing Dragon in 7 shots.
07:24:13 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): :3
07:25:14 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Oh, and you can also fire the magic very quickly.
07:26:09 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): so yeah, good times :3
07:26:29 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) has to go, and you might be asleep when he gets back
07:26:44 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Bye for now, anyway
07:26:49 Starless: I summoned an Explosive Explosive
07:29:41 Starless: I like my RPG better.
07:29:53 Starless: It's portable and creates larger explosions.
07:31:43 Starless: And it's stronger too, it killed a Draconic Winged Vast Hydra in two shots.
07:32:22 Anom: Night.
07:32:23 Anom has left the room
07:34:55 Starless: I'll be headed off too.
07:35:01 Starless: I'm making a Break The Targets!!
07:38:54 Starless has left the room
08:08:09 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): That was over sooner than I thought
08:08:50 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): So Anom and Tropeless are gone.
08:09:01 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): But at least I have my ghost buddy here...!
08:11:45 Wild_Skarmoryδ♀_(lv98) has joined the room
08:12:45 Bow Ties Are Cool has joined the room
08:13:27 ***Bow Ties Are Cool is a bow tie.
08:13:52 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): So you are.
08:14:03 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): A cool one.
08:14:03 Bow Ties Are Cool: Indeed.
08:14:21 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): So who is behind that bow tie?
08:14:23 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): An onion?
08:14:25 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): A fool?
08:14:32 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): A pentagon...?
08:14:33 Bow Ties Are Cool: A layered fool, perhaps?
08:14:43 Bow Ties Are Cool: A layered foolish pentagon, even!
08:14:45 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): Show yourself!
08:14:58 Layered Foolish Pentagon has joined the room
08:15:03 Layered Foolish Pentagon: This is what you asked for, right?
08:15:07 Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72): GAH
08:15:12 ***Wild_Tropius♀_(lv72) melts.
08:15:28 ***Layered Foolish Pentagon sticks a straw into the bananasaur mess.
08:15:33 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72) has joined the room
08:15:44 ***Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72) gurgles.
08:16:17 Layered Foolish Pentagon: Too much potassium!
08:16:28 ***Layered Foolish Pentagon explodes.
08:16:33 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72): Haha!
08:16:38 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72): That was my plan all along!
08:16:51 Lyrd Folsh Pntag has joined the room
08:17:13 ***Lyrd Folsh Pntag is torn to bits and pieces.
08:17:29 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72): >:D
08:17:56 ***Lyrd Folsh Pntag crawls/bubbles/floats/spills, depending on what its physical form is.
08:18:15 ***Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72) eats/drinks(?) the bits and pieces.
08:18:57 Fallacy Milkshake has joined the room
08:19:26 Fallacy Milkshake: Why is the liquid bananasaur not rejoining the RP yet?
08:19:49 Fallacy Milkshake: It makes Fallacy Milkshake sad...
08:19:57 ***Fallacy Milkshake bubbles sadly.
08:20:56 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72): The liquid bananasaur's time will come. Worry not, little bulb.
08:21:10 Fallacy Milkshake: Okay...
08:23:36 Clear and Present Slouch has joined the room
08:23:44 Clear and Present Slouch: This was such a good film.
08:24:05 ***Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72) has not seen it.
08:24:22 Clear and Present Slouch: It's about these guys who fight over the illegal Slouch trade in Columbia!
08:24:37 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72): Scumbags!
08:24:53 Clear and Present Slouch: I know! But then Slouch does something or other and the day is saved or something.
08:25:12 ***Clear and Present Slouch emits explosions and other such sound effects.
08:25:15 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72): Who is this Slouch person?
08:25:25 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72): He sounds so... Manly.
08:25:29 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72): I bet he's handsome, too.
08:25:36 Clear and Present Slouch: Indeed! CIA operative.
08:25:54 ***Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72) swoons.
08:26:11 Clear and Present Slouch: He can fly and turn random household objects into chocolate milk.
08:26:18 ***Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72) faints
08:26:28 Clear and Present Slouch: Sucks if one doesn't have a bowl or cup for it, though.
08:26:47 ***Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72) is too unconscious to answer.
08:26:47 Clear and Present Slouch: Chocolate milk doesn't do well on the floor.
08:26:47 Clear and Present Slouch: It's too wet!
08:27:32 ***Clear and Present Slouch pours chocolate milk over the liquid bananasaur.
08:28:03 Alexander of Brennenburg has joined the room
08:28:20 Liquid_Tropius♀_(lv72): *the fusion of chocolate milk and liquid bananasaur creates a delicious smelling explosion!*
08:28:50 The A-choco-lypse has joined the room
08:28:50 Alexander of Brennenburg: Yes!
08:28:56 ***Alexander of Brennenburg achieves nirvana through this fantastically smelling explosion!
08:29:12 Nirvananized Alexander of Brennenburg has joined the room
08:29:45 ***The A-choco-lypse is a terrifying (-ly delicious) monster created by the reaction!
08:29:53 Nirvananized Alexander of Brennenburg: Excellent!
08:30:15 ***Nirvananized Alexander of Brennenburg meditates, as all those who achieve nirvana do to waste their accomplishments.
08:30:16 ***The A-choco-lypse roars!
08:30:40 ***Nirvananized Alexander of Brennenburg pets the A-choco-lypse.
08:31:35 ***The A-choco-lypse crushes Alexander into paste!
08:31:50 Expired Paste has joined the room
08:31:51 ***The A-choco-lypse spreads the paste over toast.
08:31:58 Expired Paste Toast has joined the room
08:32:09 ***Expired Paste Toast is very pasty and toasty.
08:32:34 ***The A-choco-lypse feeds the toast to an unwilling test slouch.
08:32:54 ***Expired Paste Toast gleefully forces its way into the test slouch's stomach and makes a nest.
08:34:08 ***Expired Paste Toast rolls around.
08:35:29 Parov Stelar has joined the room
08:35:56 ***The A-choco-lypse googles Parov Stelar.
08:36:10 The A-choco-lypse: "Parov Stelar aka Marcus Füreder (born November 27, 1974) is a musician[1] who lives and works in Linz, Austria. He performs with his band — the Parov Stelar Band — and as a DJ worldwide. Parov Stelar is the head of Etage Noir Recordings.[2]"
08:37:21 Parov Stelar: Indeed.
08:37:40 ***Parov Stelar makes music and stuff.
08:37:45 The A-choco-lypse: Learn something new every day.
08:37:47 The A-choco-lypse: !
08:37:52 The A-choco-lypse: ... I mean,
08:37:59 The A-choco-lypse: ROOOOAAAR! I'm scary!
08:38:27 Parov Stelar: Yes! Yes you are!
08:38:41 ***Parov Stelar cowers in terror while simultaneously petting and making music.
08:39:06 ***The A-choco-lypse slips Stelar ten dollars
08:39:10 The A-choco-lypse: This never happened.
08:39:55 Parov Stelar: What didn't?
08:40:02 Parov Stelar: OH, the money slipping!
08:40:19 The A-choco-lypse: >_>
08:40:26 Parov Stelar: Hehe!
08:41:24 ***Parov Stelar pets the delicious explosion.
08:42:08 The A-choco-lypse: Look, Mr. Stelar.
08:42:11 The A-choco-lypse: I'm a busy monster.
08:42:17 Parov Stelar: Yes.
08:42:30 The A-choco-lypse: I have people to scare. Babies to eat. Villages to destroy.
08:42:36 The A-choco-lypse: And a reputation to uphold.
08:42:44 Parov Stelar: I completely understand.
08:43:21 The A-choco-lypse: People can't know that I've been associating with somebody... Or doing anything that isn't roaring and breaking things.
08:43:37 The A-choco-lypse: So, we can do this the easy way and you forget everything that happened...
08:43:45 Parov Stelar: Uh huh...
08:43:46 The A-choco-lypse: Or, I eat your face.
08:43:50 Parov Stelar: Hm...
08:43:57 The A-choco-lypse: Your choice, Mr. Stelar.
08:44:12 Parov Stelar: I will need to think about this for a few moments, Mr. Delicious Explosion.
08:44:23 The A-choco-lypse: Take your time.
08:45:31 Parov Stelar: Well, on one hand we Austrian electroswing clubbing seal clubbing persons do enjoy living from time to time.
08:45:59 Parov Stelar: But I also enjoy telling random strangers everything I know.
08:46:08 Parov Stelar: And I can't tell them what I know if I do not have my face.
08:46:16 Parov Stelar: I like my face. It smells like delicious grapes.
08:46:59 ***The A-choco-lypse raises a chocobrow
08:47:18 The A-choco-lypse: I don't have all day, Mr. Stelar.
08:47:56 Parov Stelar: If you could give me a few thousand years to construct the Tardis...
08:48:35 Parov Stelar: We may be able to reach a solution we both approve of. It would take several thousand years, however.
08:49:11 The A-choco-lypse: You're making this very difficult for me, Mr. Stelar.
08:49:11 Parov Stelar: But once the Tardis is constructed, it will be as though no time has passed at all.
08:49:23 Parov Stelar: I have no choice. I have music to make, seals to club.
08:49:33 The A-choco-lypse: Hm.
08:49:40 The A-choco-lypse: We could try that.
08:49:48 The A-choco-lypse: Or I could just eat your face right here.
08:50:00 Parov Stelar: Ah, but then you'll never know where I hid the gold.
08:51:23 The A-choco-lypse: I care little for material wealth.
08:51:57 The A-choco-lypse: I'm a monster who appreciates the simple things in life, Mr. Stelar...
08:52:39 Parov Stelar: Forgive my saying so, but monsters require assets of the monetary sort before they can be properly feared by the public.
08:52:59 Parov Stelar: Financial wealth encourages apprehension of an individual.
08:54:18 Parov Stelar: Appreciation of the simple things is respectable, certainly, but unrealistic in the cruel and honest world we inhabit today.
08:54:43 Parov Stelar: Surely a denizen of the dark places such as yourself knows this more than anyone else.
08:56:29 The A-choco-lypse: It depends on one's definition of 'the simple things', doesn't it?
08:56:58 Parov Stelar: I suppose so. What is yours?
08:57:54 The A-choco-lypse: A torn family. A burning village.
08:58:09 The A-choco-lypse: A tear on the cheek of a child whose parent's faces have been eaten.
08:58:45 Parov Stelar: A sight to behold, to be sure. But what of your mortage?
08:58:56 Parov Stelar: *Mortgage
08:59:53 Parov Stelar: Tears of devastated children don't swat away the bureaucratic power of the IRS.
09:01:27 The A-choco-lypse: And what of said power? A monster such as I has n-
09:01:33 The A-choco-lypse: Oh, bugger it. I'm 'ungry.
09:01:48 ***The A-choco-lypse eats Stelar's face and stomps off.
09:01:50 The A-choco-lypse has left the room
09:01:54 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) has joined the room
09:02:00 ***Parov Stelar gurgles and dies screaming.
09:02:07 ***Parov Stelar Faceless
09:02:14 Faceless Entity has joined the room
09:02:19 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) witnesses Parov Stelar's gruesome death.
09:02:23 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Good times! :3
09:03:20 Faceless Entity: Hehe!
09:03:20 Faceless Entity: Indeed, my poisonous frog!
09:03:51 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): What's it like not having a face?
09:04:15 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) pokes the spot where Stelar's face would be, if he had a face. Which he doesn't. 'Cause it got eaten.
09:04:44 Faceless Entity: It's remarkable... like that moment when you think you almost remembered what you'd forgotten several hours earlier, then get hit by a train in the middle of your musings.
09:05:10 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Ah, yes... I know that feeling.
09:05:20 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) , secretly, does not know that feeling!
09:05:53 Faceless Entity: Secretly, it's identical to the feeling of belching loudly.
09:06:07 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): I DEFINITELY know that feeling.
09:07:05 Faceless Entity: Indeed!
09:07:56 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Why, my father was a world champion belcher!
09:08:29 Faceless Entity: No kidding? Incredible!
09:08:39 Faceless Entity: My father was a tuna fish salad.
09:08:41 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): In the summer of '66, he was once disqualified from a competition for belching so loudly it burst the eardrums of one of the participants!
09:09:01 Faceless Entity: Remarkable...
09:09:43 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): He almost went Olympic, but one day, he left home and never came back... Apparently his face was eaten by some kind of chocolate monster...
09:10:01 Faceless Entity: Huh...
09:10:03 Faceless Entity: What was his name?
09:10:17 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): My father's or the monster's?
09:10:57 Faceless Entity: Both, why not.
09:12:00 Faceless Entity: I like a little name sharing.
09:12:28 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): My father's name was Shillelagh Flatcap McBelchinstine.
09:12:39 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): He changed it to Steve... I don't know why, it was a nice name.
09:12:51 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): I forget what the monster was called.
09:13:05 Faceless Entity: Oh, well. And yes, that is a very nice name.
09:13:24 Faceless Entity: I believe I had a grandfather whose daughter's son was named that.
09:13:37 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): That's interesting!
09:13:41 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): I wonder if we're related?
09:14:34 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): ... Maybe none of this ever happened. I sometimes forget what's real and what... Isn't.
09:14:34 Faceless Entity: Well, I congealed in a high school locker room, so it's unlikely, but possible.
09:14:45 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): But anyway, tell me about your father.
09:15:04 Faceless Entity: Okay:
09:15:28 Faceless Entity: He was very mild-mannered and enjoyed drinking lots of coffee with rather dull everyday ketchup.
09:15:43 Faceless Entity: Every day he would walk back and forth from the city landfill and pick up shards of glass.
09:15:51 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Oh?
09:15:53 Faceless Entity: He would then give these out at the park to small children.
09:16:03 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): What a kind man.
09:16:11 Faceless Entity: I never was able to rise up to his level.
09:16:25 Faceless Entity: Sometimes he'd take a few home to keep for a few weeks, but he'd usually release them at the local pound.
09:16:55 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): I think my great aunt's fianceé's cousin's sister might have known him!
09:17:52 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): She used to tell a story about how she killed seven children with a shard of glass given to her by a man at the park.
09:17:52 Faceless Entity: Wow, really?
09:17:57 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Yeah!
09:18:39 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): That is, until she perished when her submarine caught fire...
09:18:41 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) sniffs
09:18:48 ***Faceless Entity pats, tearing up himself.
09:19:26 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): She was only ninety seven...
09:20:42 Faceless Entity: A young bird, smashed to bits by rush hour truck traffic.
09:21:04 Faceless Entity: Submarines catching fire is a more serious risk than most people realize.
09:21:18 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): (On a side note: I wonder what the log readers will think about all this. XD)
09:21:28 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): True, true...
09:22:08 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Nobody ever seems to take me seriously when I tell them how she died.
09:22:08 Faceless Entity: (Lynch us, probably... -sniff-)
09:22:08 Faceless Entity: Perhaps we could raise awareness about it?
09:22:16 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Yes!
09:22:26 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): But how...?
09:22:42 Faceless Entity: I have hydrochloric acid and duct tape. That should get us started.
09:22:59 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): A Public Service Announceme- Ooh, I like your idea better.
09:23:34 Faceless Entity: We duct tape them to buildings and threaten to inject acid into their brains until they admit submarines catching fire is dangerous and should be more well known!
09:23:46 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Brilliant!
09:23:55 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Won't... Won't we get into trouble?
09:24:08 Faceless Entity: ...Hm...
09:24:23 Faceless Entity: Nah, I'm faceless and you're a poisonous frog, no one will try to chase us.
09:24:34 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): You
09:24:41 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): 're a genius!
09:24:47 ***Faceless Entity high-fives!
09:25:10 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) tries to low-five!
09:25:23 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) misses, smacking the faceless entity in the shin!
09:25:29 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): ... Noooo!
09:25:31 ***Faceless Entity explodes violently.
09:25:42 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): NOOOOOOO!
09:25:43 Faceless Entity: I never should have kept my brain in my shin...
09:25:52 ***Faceless Entity gurgles weakly.
09:26:07 ***Faceless Entity collapses to the ground in agony.
09:26:20 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) picks up the scattered giblets and desperately tries to piece them together.
09:26:34 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Y-You'll be fine... You'll be fine...
09:26:36 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): P-Please...
09:26:49 ***Faceless Entity begins to disintegrate.
09:26:49 Faceless Entity: I-I don't know...
09:27:11 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): NO!
09:27:15 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Come on, stay with me...!
09:28:01 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) sticks an eyeball and a finger together together.
09:28:01 Faceless Entity: I c-can't feel any of my twelve hearts...
09:28:02 Faceless Entity: I think my time has come...
09:28:06 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Why isn't this working?!
09:28:18 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): No!
09:28:21 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Don't die on me!
09:28:23 ***Faceless Entity reaches up to the Croagunk.
09:28:33 Faceless Entity: Promise me... you'll raise awareness about submarine fires...
09:28:57 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) tears up, knowing there is nothing he can do.
09:29:05 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) takes the Faceless Entity's hand.
09:29:13 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): I will...
09:30:10 ***Faceless Entity sighs in relief.
09:30:10 Faceless Entity: Then I can leave knowing my legacy - our legacy - will live on well...
09:30:35 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): F-For my great aunt's fianceé's cousin's sister?
09:31:32 Faceless Entity: Indeed...
09:31:33 ***Faceless Entity exhales softly and slumps to the ground.
09:31:33 ***Faceless Entity changes into his true onionous form moments before death.
09:31:50 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): I won't let you down... F-Friend...
09:31:59 Faceless Entity: Thank... you...
09:32:10 ***Faceless Entity falls silent.
09:32:14 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): ...
09:32:29 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) goes through the Entity's pockets.
09:32:33 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65): Hey, ten dollars.
09:32:38 ***Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) wanders off.
09:32:40 Wild_Croagunkδ♂_(lv65) has left the room
09:32:44 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44) has joined the room
09:33:30 Faceless Entity has left the room
09:38:50 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44): Just me 'n' the ghost again.
09:39:17 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44): Fair enough, it must be really late where Mr. Onion is.
09:51:24 Wild_Lickilicky♀_(lv18) has joined the room
09:52:04 DarkerShining has joined the room
09:52:06 DarkerShining: Hi!
09:52:11 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44): Hi!
09:56:33 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44): How've you been? :3
10:06:46 DarkerShining: Hmm... Mostly fine, I guess.
10:08:48 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44): Wow, NZ has been doing really well at Olympic rowing
10:08:56 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44): How's Norway doing?
10:14:30 DarkerShining: Oh, I haven't really been paying attention to that.
10:15:17 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44): ... Neither have I, to be honest. :P
10:16:47 DarkerShining: Oh. :P
10:28:26 ***Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44) has to go. :/
10:28:36 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44): See you
10:28:37 Wild_Charizard♂☆_(lv44) has left the room
10:44:50 Straw has joined the room
10:45:50 DarkerShining: Hi Straw!
10:46:19 Straw: Hi!
13:09:12 DarkerShining: http://notalwaysright.com/you-just-weeded-yourself-out/22161
13:14:16 DarkerShining: http://notalwaysromantic.com/with-great-bacon-comes-great-responsibility-part-5/22651
13:17:05 Straw: Ah, bacon.
13:32:12 DarkerShining: http://notalwaysrelated.com/from-the-mouth-of-babes-to-talking-about-babes/22592
13:56:03 Wild_Pidgeotto♀_(lv18) has joined the room
13:56:19 Tornado!Mezzoliepard has joined the room
14:00:37 DarkerShining: Hi Mezzo!
14:42:50 Tornado!Mezzoliepard has left the room
14:58:39 Straw2 has joined the room
15:01:08 Straw has left the room
15:04:54 Straw2: I can really relate to today's xkcd: http://xkcd.com/1089/
15:09:52 Straw has joined the room
15:09:57 Straw2 has left the room
15:10:17 Straw has left the room
15:10:28 Straw has joined the room
15:27:31 TheSilent has joined the room
15:27:52 DarkerShining: Hi Silent!
15:28:06 TheSilent: \ô/ - I'll go check that xkcd
15:29:21 ***Straw just remembered what he was dreaming about last night.
15:31:00 TheSilent: Yup, it applies~
15:31:44 Straw: It was about me somehow ending up at school around the time the marching band is practicing. I ended up trapped in the instrument storage room. Since I quit band, I didn't really want to stay there for long. Then I woke up right as there was an escape opportunity. Also, the number 3 in MC font was there.
15:34:21 TheSilent: wut
15:35:07 Straw: It's actually fairly realistic for what usually happens in my dreams.
15:36:11 Straw: Like the time I dreamt about a rickety pipe rollercoaster that was open and under construction at the same time at the local aquarium. In that dream I fell off and died.
16:14:33 TheSilent: The MC wiki just went down, I think
16:14:45 Straw: Probably because of the update.
16:15:15 ***Straw tried to get onto the server, but then remembered Tangent needs to upadte it.
16:15:18 Straw: *update
16:18:31 Wild_Fearow♂_(lv62) has joined the room
16:19:02 Anom has joined the room
16:22:57 Straw: Lot of thunder and lightning outside...
16:23:44 DarkerShining: Hi Anom!
16:26:48 ***Anom is testing MC
16:27:46 ***Straw is too.
16:28:16 Straw: It's a good thing that the server isn't up, because my brother might have griefed it. :/
16:30:35 TheSilent: wut
16:31:52 Straw: Yeah, he keeps telling me he's going to destroy fluffspace someday.
17:28:59 Wild_Durant♂-ex_(lv89) has joined the room
17:29:00 TheSilent: Getting stacks of snow takes forever¬¬
17:29:34 Wild_Durant♂-ex_(lv89): (Remind me to update the server as soon as I get home, which will be roughly 8pm EST...)
17:29:47 TheSilent: Also Straw - looks like your bro is not very nice ¬¬
17:29:56 Straw: Yeah, he's pretty mean.
17:30:02 ***Wild_Durant♂-ex_(lv89) needs to make server backup a chronjob...
17:30:07 Wild_Durant♂-ex_(lv89): *cronjob
17:55:15 Onion has joined the room
18:07:53 Wild_Durant♂-ex_(lv89) has left the room
18:08:27 TheSilent: Nomtiemz
18:11:22 Sixth has joined the room
18:11:30 Sixth: XD http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=rp9u726d6kev3mymml5wtnxm&page=10528#263186
18:12:07 ***Straw has a ton of Pokemon relateed pickup lines and puns.
18:13:02 ***Sixth just makes puns as he sees the opportunity, and has no pickup lines whatsoever
18:13:40 Straw: Most of the ones I have are from GameFAQs while we waited for HG/SS to be released.
18:13:57 Sixth: Ah :P
18:14:11 Straw: I used to be really active there.
18:16:10 Sixth: Until I got on the ChiRho Minecraft Server forum, I'd never been actively in an online community.
18:40:15 Anom: I went and got lunch.
18:44:11 Sixth: Fire Rainboom http://fav.me/d4ez32z
18:47:51 Anom: Time for Gloomy Galleon.
18:49:43 Anom: Actually, no.
18:50:46 Anom: Time to go back to the first two levels.
19:00:15 Anom: Gotta go.
19:03:15 Anom: Actually, not yet.
19:28:15 Anom: Lol: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RubberFruit
19:28:32 Anom: "Fantastic Aesop: If you say "soap" three times to a Soldier, he'll turn big and suck you into him."
19:28:46 DarkerShining: Lol, wut?
19:29:16 Anom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlZMVJ9A010
19:29:30 Anom: That's what they mean about saying "soap"
19:30:21 Anom: I like that it's a lesson to be learned.
19:31:54 Sixth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lLHy5xv3v8&feature=relmfu
19:33:51 Wild_Stunfisk♀☆_(lv34) has joined the room
19:34:05 Spark!Mezzoliepard has joined the room
19:37:50 Sixth: Dramatic Owl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fgxN9n0MtI
19:40:37 Spark!Mezzoliepard: That fits surprisingly well.
19:41:47 Sixth: Indeed
19:50:57 Pink_Uxie_(lv87) has joined the room
19:51:29 Crewe has joined the room
19:51:32 Crewe: Hi guys!
19:51:47 Spark!Mezzoliepard: Hi~
19:52:37 Crewe: I'm in Italy! We just had a bedtime story and I'm waiting for my roommate to get out of the shower so I can show her what happened when I tried toget into the room.
19:52:48 Crewe: I'm rappelling down a castle wall tomorrow!
19:53:03 Spark!Mezzoliepard: Oh, very neat.
19:54:24 Crewe: Oh, and Straw, I got all six episodes of Gravity Falls on my iPod. I've been watching them over and over. To keep it from getting stale, I've been a) looking for little details, and b) coming up with crackpot theories and trying to find evidence for them.
19:54:31 Straw: Hi Crewe!
19:54:34 Wild_Empoleon♂_(lv34) has joined the room
19:54:36 Straw: I see.
19:54:52 Crewe: Like the theory that all main-ish characters with five fingers are either evil or connected to evil.
19:55:21 Straw: What happened when you tried to get into the room?
19:55:38 Straw: Also, apparently people found the Slender Man in Gravity Falls.
19:56:39 Wild_Empoleon♂_(lv34) has left the room
19:56:57 Crewe: I almost fell over because I was gonna lean against it and be all creepy and be like "[Roomate's name], leeeet me iiiin!" But the door was unlocked, so it opened and I nearly fell on my face.
19:57:13 Straw: Wow.
19:57:26 Crewe: It was funny.
19:57:36 Straw: Shouldn't the door have been closed though?
19:57:48 Crewe: It doesb't lock automatically.
19:57:54 Straw: Ah.
19:58:03 Crewe: And we can't figure out how to lock it from inside.
19:58:13 Crewe: Also, I'm sick of my iPod misspelling doesn't.
19:59:30 Wild_Skitty♂_Prime_(lv78) has joined the room
19:59:37 Straw_ has joined the room
19:59:45 Straw_: Turn off Autocorrect maybe?
20:01:52 Straw: Turn off autocorrect?
20:01:52 Straw: ping?
20:01:52 Straw has left the room
20:02:11 TheSilent has left the room
20:02:15 Crewe: Sorry.
20:02:16 Crewe: I was doing something.
20:02:38 Crewe: Also, if I turn off autocorrect, my spelling will be much worse. This keyboard is prone to typos.
20:04:37 Straw_: Yeah, I guess.
20:04:46 ***Straw_ has to go walk his dog.
20:04:57 Straw[Dog Walk] has joined the room
20:05:19 Anom: Hi Crewe!
20:08:28 Crewe: Hiya!
20:08:56 Anom: How's Italy?
20:09:05 Crewe: ... I got a Toblerone bar at a gas station todayt, and I had two peaks left in my bag... And they were melted. So I ate then anyway.
20:09:09 Crewe: I LOVE Italy!
20:09:55 Crewe: Also, Europe candy sellers have ginormous gummy bears.
20:10:02 Straw has joined the room
20:10:12 Crewe: But my current ones are normal-sized. They look... so tiny.
20:10:34 Anom: :P
20:11:06 Crewe: My last ones melted into a big gummy ball... And then I lost them. :(
20:11:16 Crewe: Oh!
20:11:24 Crewe: And I got my sister an awesome bday present!
20:11:26 Anom: I feel like there was something I wanted to tell you, but I can't remember what...
20:11:31 Anom: And oh, what is it?
20:11:52 Crewe: It's a rubber pig with a bathing suit, sun glasses, and sandals. And when you squeeze it, it makes a snorting noise.
20:11:59 Anom: Heh.
20:12:07 Anom: Oh, no wonder it's so hot down here.
20:12:12 Anom: I forgot to turn the ac back on.
20:12:55 Crewe: Dammit! My DS still won't charge!
20:13:04 Anom: :(
20:13:24 Crewe: Maybe I can steal Andrew's and use it on the bus tomorrow.
20:13:35 Crewe: Oh, I've discovered multiple Pokemon players.
20:13:37 ***Anom just watched a battle between the two most powerful TF2 Freaks.
20:13:43 Anom: Ooh, Pokemon players.
20:13:54 Crewe: One of them and I went through the Battle Subway a few nights ago.
20:14:25 Crewe: But y DS won't charge, so I don't use it.
20:14:33 Crewe: *my
20:14:48 Crewe: ... Seriously, why does it change "so" to "do"?
20:15:36 Crewe: Also, Italy has lots of hills.
20:15:59 Crewe: And it's the only country that doesn't remind me of somewhere in America.
20:16:04 Crewe: Spain is a lot like California.
20:16:14 Crewe: France is a mix of California and Florida.
20:16:26 Crewe: Monaco was kinda like Hawaii.
20:16:38 Straw: Back
20:16:40 Straw[Dog Walk] has left the room
20:17:10 Crewe: Hold on, I'm trying to FaceTime my mom...
20:17:14 ***Straw sees Andrew in the log.
20:17:29 Straw: For a second I thought you meant me, but then I remembered Andrew is a common name.
20:18:15 Crewe has left the room
20:19:04 ***Sixth was gonna make a joke about that :P
20:19:16 Wild_Magikarp♀_(lv44) has joined the room
20:19:46 Crewe has joined the room
20:20:04 Crewe: My mommy won't answer meeeee.
20:20:49 ***Straw hasn't used any of the messageing things on his ipod.
20:23:46 Crewe has left the room
20:30:20 TheSilent has joined the room
20:34:03 Wild_Empoleon♀_(lv81) has joined the room
20:34:33 Tropeless has joined the room
20:34:39 Tropeless: Hi
20:35:03 Anom: Хорошо!
20:35:47 Straw: Hi
20:35:51 Wild_Decoy_(lv85) has joined the room
20:36:36 Anom: Ooh, a Substitute Decoy.
20:37:18 Wild_Decoy_(lv85) has left the room
20:44:53 Sixth: Cute Luna http://fav.me/d59jct8
20:46:08 Straw: http://kotaku.com/5930983/olympic-gymnast-uses-zelda-medley-during-performance
20:46:37 Wild_Samurott♂_(lv23) has joined the room
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21:25:26 Anom: Gloomy Galleon.
21:26:47 Sixth: wat http://derpibooru.org/64356
21:36:52 Sixth: So much lol http://fav.me/d497zgd
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22:03:58 Straw[nom] has joined the room
22:20:47 TheSilent: my MC menu screen says "complex cellular automata"
22:21:21 Straw[nom]: All of the possible ones are in the game files I think.
22:21:39 Sixth: I've edited a couple before
22:21:52 Straw has joined the room
22:23:34 Sixth: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Splash
22:25:48 Sixth: Smile, Smile, Smile on floppy drives http://youtu.be/pOA9PGYeP3E
22:36:13 Sixth: The steelpan is a beautiful sounding instrument http://youtu.be/INCupmyumLY
22:39:41 Civilized_Rainy_Castform_(lv64) has joined the room
22:39:46 Gamer has joined the room
22:39:51 Sixth: Hi Gamer
22:39:54 Gamer: Got me a shiny new copy of KH3D.
22:39:58 Gamer: Also, hai everyone.
22:40:07 Gamer: It even has CoM-style AR Cards!
22:40:15 Straw: CoM?
22:40:26 Gamer: Chain of Memories. The second game.
22:40:39 Gamer: It used a card-combat system, and the cards in the package are shaped like them.
22:40:46 ***Spark!Mezzoliepard is starting to feel like she's late to the party.
22:41:02 Gamer: Don't worry, Mezzo. I haven't played it yet.
22:42:20 Gamer: Oh, wait., They're normal cards: the spiky CoM design is just a decal on the card itself.
22:43:05 DarkerShining has left the room
22:43:34 Gamer: It comes with an actual instruction booklet, unlike most 3DS games.
22:45:43 Gamer: Wait, there;s a world forcast mechanic?
22:45:56 Gamer: Tonight: cloudy with a chance of Heartless.
22:46:09 Gamer: (No, this isn;t a spoiler: It's in the booklet.)
22:52:35 Gamer: Ohh, there's even [[stike: Pokemon Battles]] Flick Rush battles!
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